As a young tourist visiting Sweden for the first time there are so many great sites to see and cool places to check out. Often when you are traveling to Sweden as a young tourist you are overwhelmed by the options and unsure of what to choose and where to start. Here we have put together a few of our favorite tourists spots that we think young tourists will enjoy while they are vacation in Sweden. Of course Sweden has a great nightlife and there are plenty of bars, restaurants and even clubs that you can see while in the country. However, here are a few more touristy things that will give a good sense of the country while still being fun!

The Abba Museum

This fun and interesting museum is in the main city of Stockholm. Here you can find out all about the very famous and ever loved Swedish band Abba. You no doubt know many of their greatest hits, like Dancing Queen and Mama Mia. While at the museum you can learn all about these songs and so much more. You can see the bands records, costumes and other cool memorabilia. You can even audition to be a member of the band and test your singing and dancing skills virtually. For any young Abba enthusiast this is a must see.


This museum is in the center of Stockholm and is all things photography. They have different photographs from different artists from all over the world and they are always some of the best photos of the time. They also have classes for those who want to improve their own photo skills. You can even purchase some of the beautiful work in the gallery section as well. If you are a lover of the arts, you must visit this place.

Food Tours

While this is not a new idea a food tour is a great way to see a new city as well as learn about the local food and traditions and of course eat some delicious meals as well. There are many great food tours all throughout the country. The most popular ones are in the city of Stockholm of course. Here you can meet new people, of similar age and liking, and travel through the city. This is a great way to get a feel for the city and find some cute spots that you may like and will most likely want to come back and visit later as well. They are typically very well priced as well, so you can get a meal and a tourist visit all in one trip. They also have beer, wine, or dessert tours as well, if you want more than just a meal.

Of course, the city of Stockholm, well the whole country of Sweden has so many great tourist attractions to offer. And many of them are great for the young and adventurous tourists. This was just a sample to whet your appetite and get you ready to visit this gorgeous country. Let us know what your favorite sites and places to see in Stockholm are!