Underground Gallery of Stockholm

The capital city of Sweden is an incredibly lively, and vibrant place to live a life full of entertainment, arts, music, and happiness. An endless number of museums, galleries, and art centers cover all possible art forms from classic paintings to contemporary art, from photography to shocking performances and many more. Basically, you supposed to quit your job to visit everything that Stockholm can offer to you.

However, there is one exceptional gallery that you can explore every day on your way to work, studies, meeting friends, going for groceries, or just because you have some free time – it is the Stockholm subway system. Overall, there are about a hundred stations, and at least ninety of them are decorated with individual art installations. Some of them tell stories of the city or country, some of them are futuristic or abstract, and others look like some palaces or green meadows of Sweden. When the dark days of Swedish winter are not pleasant for outdoor walks, explore what this city hides underground.

The Most Spectacular Stops

Every metro stop here in Stockholm is individual and has its own idea and a deeper meaning, but it would be hardly possible to explore all of them. As a result, these few are the most impressive and can give you a feeling of some movies or fairytales.


The stop of Kungsträdgården is nothing but crazy and it looks like a scene of the well-known TV show Game of Thrones. The word ‘Kungsträdgården’ means the garden of kings, so the installations create the atmosphere of an ancient kingdom with statues of kings in antique style, bindweed plants, and mosaic ceilings. An interesting fact: all sculptures are collected from many demolished buildings around Stockholm and embedded in the walls here. The atmosphere can be hardly described in words. This stop is located in the center of Stockholm.

An absolutely different stop is Rådhuset. The stop is close to the City Hall and it looks like a prehistorical cave. The installation creates an illusion of carved stones and everything is painted in deep red and dark color. Here are no sculptures or any other paintings on the walls, and it feels like you can be crushed by an unexpectedly running mammoth.

The next stop is Stadion and you will step out of the metro train directly to the clear blue sky with rainbows. This station is the opposite of the Rådhuset. All walls here are painted in vivid shades of blue and decorated with rainbows and other little patterns in bright colors.

If you want to take some trendy futuristic pictures to boost your Instagram, then jump on the green line train and you will reach the stop of Odenplan. This station is decorated with 400 meters of jagged white lines of LED lights and the installation is called the Life Line as they recreate the heartbeats.

The top station of the red line is Tekniska Högskolan. This stop is dedicated to the famous Swedish university called KTH Royal Institute of Technology and it is decorated with the five regular polyhedron that is representing Plato’s five elements: fire, water, air, earth, and ether