Pop music has become very popular in Sweden. Initially starting with ABBA in the 1970´s, and later gaining traction with Roxette in the 80s, followed by Ace of Base and the Cardigans in the 90s, in the last few decades, this type of music has gone beyond the boundaries of Sweden, spilling over into the surrounding countries. Scandinavia is now a cradle for creativity as many young and talented artists experiment with pop music. Although other music genres such as rock, metal, and hip-hop have been extremely successful in countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway, pop is considered a special type of music in the region. Here are some of the top modern artists from Sweden.

Miike Snow

If you want good producers, follow Miike Snow. They are the brains behind superstars like Sky Ferreira, Madonna, Britney Spears, Kelis, Jennifer Lopez, and several other TV and radio stars. Their creativity comes from choosing to be different and forming a strong partnership with Andrew Wyatt, a New-York-based singer, and his electronic pop music. Although the style was not radio friendly and unknown at the time, the group was skeptical during their tours. But when they released the single “Animal,” it was like a bomb that announced them to the world.


After the release of her internationally recognized song, ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe”, Sigrid became successful in 2017 and won many fans over with her style of singing. Ever since she has done a bunch of tours which showcased some of her best songs. In 2017, she released the remix “Strangers” as a contribution to the Justice League. A natural in performing and songwriting, there seems to be no limit to what she can do.

Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke leans more towards EDM (electronic dance music) hits when it comes to Scandinavian pop. The talented artist is busy making a follow-up to her two singles “Say My Name” and “Change My Mind” which were released in 2015. When interviewed about her upcoming album, she expressed pride and confidence in the success of the song with a determination to put all her energy into the soon-to-be-released album.

Lykke Li

Lady Gaga And Lykke Li, Tell The Difference

Her first album “Youth Novels” brought her to the attention of music lovers all over Europe. Since then, Lykke has proved to her fans that she is more than capable of driving her music career forward. With her melodic mournful ballads and soul, this Swedish singer touches the hearts of her fans. She is a talented hip-hop artist, drummer, and can impress you with the dance moves that makes her style. Her 2011 debut titled “Wounded Rhymes” was a success with the help of her capable producer.

Lykke released another album, Never Learn, in 2014, and it has been her most ambitious album so far. She has released other singles like “Never Gonna Love Again” and “No Rest for the Wicked.” They were all roaring successes with the help of her loyal producer. When it comes to Scandinavian modern pop music, Lykke Li is ranked among the best.