If you know little about Swedish pop music, then this article is specially designed just for you. This article will discuss in detail all that you will need to know about popular Swedish music, often referred to as Swedish pop music. Swedish pop refers to music that has become mainstream and popular in Sweden at any given time in recent history. Swedish pop music has been heavily influenced by American jazz, as well as rock and roll from both the United States and The United Kingdom. Since the 1970’s Swedish music has been making its way into the more mainstream world and gaining international praise. This may be due to the fact that many Swedish singers sing in English, therefore the music is able to translate to more and more people. All of this has made Sweden one of the world’s biggest exporters of popular music. There have been so many successful artists who have come from Sweden, let’s go over a few of them and how they have grown to success throughout the world.

Since the late 1950’s Swedish music has only been increasing in popularity. The first band to make waves was the popular surf band the Sputniks from Goteborg, they started in 1957 and grew to popularity very quickly when they were joined by rock and roll hero Jerry Williams.                 They quickly beat out groups like Svenne and Lotta as well as to Abba. But before Abba hit the international music scene there was another band that made a political influenced with their folk music at the start of the sixties and going through in to the seventies. This music band was called Progg, they started a movement that mixed hippie sounds and ideas with left wing ideology. In 1975 however, they were quickly won out by the infamous band Abba. This put Sweden into a new era, where finally Sweden was put on the map international in the music industry. Abba then sold a total of 380 million records all around the world, making them the second most successful group ever, not just in Sweden but in the world.

The 1900’s brought more and more international fame for the music industry in Sweden. There were several groups that had success in from Sweden. Eric Prydz, a DJ from Stockholm who moved to Los Angeles and had success with many remixes. There have been many greater artists who have come from Sweden and have grown to international fame and success. They have had such a positive influence on the music industry and have changed the music world for the better, without them there wouldn’t be the many disco hits that we have today, such as the many Abba hits that we listen to. Or the many DJ’s that have come from Sweden and have brought us the many remixes that we dance to in clubs today, there are so many great reasons to enjoy and listen to Swedish pop music today.

Eric Prydz