Viewable Art in Sweden’s Capital

Stockholm is known for its art scene, thanks to a very contemporary climate and decadent sensibility the number of galleries and artistic offerings here are fantastic. But the best art isn’t necessarily always inside. Thanks to a rise of street artists in and around the area, Sweden’s capital has become a canvas for a range of artists who want to add some more colour to its walls. With a wide range of styles and skills the artists who have flocked here to make their mark have managed to brighten up many vertical spaces with eccentric characters and ethereal images that seem to pop right into reality.

Where to Go

Though the eagle eyed will spot many different painted images popping up all over the city, under archways and high up on houses, if you really want to get your money’s worth your best bet is to head to Snosatra. This once run-down area was an industrial strip that had little going for it, but thanks to an open-minded owner who allowed artists to come and add some flair, this has become the hub for street art in Stockholm year after year. With murals going up here every day it’s easy to see why people go out of their way to visit. On top of this an annual festival has been held here that invites artists from all over to come and do their worst to the walls here as live music and food trucks assist the occasion. Here and around the city you will find wonderful works by some of Sweden’s greatest urban artists.


You wouldn’t be the first to think that these larger than life balloons were real, but you really need to see it to believe it. Having been in graffiti since the late 80’s Swedish artist Huge is now a master of his particular style. This involves creating giant images of photorealistic balloons that often read his name. These balloons are so well defined that that appear to be floating just off the wall, a magic trick he is capable of performing thanks to his great lighting skills.


With many of his works dotted around the capital Yash’s easily identifiable murals depict 3D looking fantasy characters who have an immediate charm. With a mix of animals and young faces, the eye-catching designs here often have a unique perspective or skewed angle causing them to really grab your already focused attention. Yash seems to have a feel for nature and hooded clothing which are themes carried through many of his astounding pieces.

Amara Por Dios

Another very different and visually arresting style comes from the work of Amara Por Dios. Though she has been living in London for several years this Sweden-born street painter has been bringing her colour rich designs to people for a while now. In Stockholm you can be sure to see some of her murals which comprise of endless interlocking organic shapes, eyes that see through your soul and the faces of vivid goddesses. Spot her art on walls, train cars and shop fronts.