Sweden has been home to many great singers and songwriters. From the world-famous Abba to more modern sensations, such as Tove LO and many others. Sweden, although a small country has been known for producing unique and new sounds, from house music to folk music and so much, they are constantly gracing the music industry with new and unique sounds. One of the greatest solo artists to come out Sweden is Robyn. You may of her heard poppy songs on the radio or you have no doubt heard her more slow love songs playing in a bar or club. She has truly been one of the greatest artist to come from Sweden. If you haven’t heard her music, yet we highly suggest you give her a listen and in the meantime, here is a little bit of history about this Swedish Pop Music Queen.

Born Robin Miriam Carlsson she goes by Robyn in the music world. Born in 1979 Robyn made her musical debut in 1995 with her album Robyn is Here, the album had two Billboard Hot 100 Singles. After her initial fame she only release albums in her home country of Sweden and didn’t grow in popularity across the world. Then in 2005 she released her self-titled album Robyn, this album brought her international fame and even a Grammy nomination. This album had the hits “Be Mine”, and “With Every Heartbeat”. Then in 2010 she released a trilogy of mini albums. They were called the Body Talk series. These were claimed as her most successful albums to date. She received three Grammy nominations and had three singles reach the top 10 charts with theses albums. The songs were “Dancing on My Own” “Hang with Me” and “Indestructible”, all of which were huge internationally successes. She went on to realize several more albums after this but that was most likely her most successful album to date. Robyn grew up in a very liberal and open family. Her parents ran an independent theatre group which was a great place for her to grow up as it nurtured her love of the arts and allowed her to build her own sense of style and personality. From here she grew to develop a funky sense of dress that can be seen throughout her albums and music videos as well as when she is on tour. Robyn remains single, although she has been engaged twice and is currently dating a man whom she met while creating one of her music videos. She has seen great International success over the years and has managed to keep her musical career going for over a decade, constantly changing and updating both her style and music to reach to more and more of her audience.

While her music may not be in your particular tastes be sure to at least check it out, you will no doubt be impressed by her beautiful voice and unique style, you may even find a new song to dance along.