Art books are kind of an odd product really, when some pieces are auctioned off for millions of pounds at a time, its strange to think you can pick up a book with the same item and more inside it for less than £30. Of course the art world is surrounded by strange behaviours, the idea that originals are far superior to their clones isn’t the weirdest, but if you like to have a small collection of pieces, love to take in a piece without leaving your house, or if you are an artist yourself and need a bunch of references, art books are a great buy. When in Sweden there is only one place you ever need to go to for your art book needs and that is Konst-ig. Sitting happily in Stockholm, this huge independent bookstore is the largest in Scandinavia and is home to thousands of art books. Whether Photography is what you are after or just images of previous exhibitions, this is the place to come. They also have some great posters and trendy stationary you can buy too. If you aren’t convinced yet, here are just some of the titles they stock here, several of which are signed by the artist.

Jacob Dahlgren: From A to Z

This Swedish artist puts his entire body of work in between the pages here showing all manner of colourful and eye popping visuals. From exhibition work and installations to smaller more precise works this book is a visual mix of graphic design, intriguing geometry and abstraction. With so many visually arresting works here you will be glad you can sit comfortably with the book in your lap instead of stood at a gallery.

Sofie Proos: The Comet of 1797

This book mixes poetry history and illustration as it follows the events of a comet that appeared in the sky just before the 1800s. Here a group of females decide to make unconventional life choices in a time where Women had few freedoms. The books show this with poetic texts mixed with artworks of different mediums, including ink-washes and etchings.

Richard Phillips (Self Titled)

This book from American artist Richard Phillips shows content he created over a 5-year period in the 90s. filled with arresting faces and stares that will stop you dead from models, artists and icons of the century this book will draw your focus on every page. Exploring the idea of beauty, here Phillips shows everything from extreme close-ups of models to cartoonish representations of musical figures like the King of Pop.

Anders Petersen: Stockholm

This signed book by Swedens most highly acclaimed photographer seems an apt purchase from a bookstore in the city titled on the front page. This incredible stream of black and white photos showcase a side of Sweden’s capital through the lens of someone who clearly loves not just the urban environment but the people here too. Take a glimpse at the crazy nights downtown or the rural family gatherings on the outskirts. This unique and professionally made perspective of the place will give you a whole new love for the city and allow you to spend months of time there in just a few page turns.