Do u think you know the hottest Swedish musical bands?, or do you crave to know more about the Swedish bands?, have you heard about Abba and Ace of Base?, Well, those are some of the greatest Swedish bands ever known. The Swedish music has moved into a firm position in the world of music in the last decades, with innovative styles and skills. Talk of voices, experimental electronically, folks ,contemporary jazz, indie and so on, then you can be assured that the Swedish music has got them all. In this article, I will take you through the lists of the greatest Swedish bands of all time.


Formed by David Isberg in 1990, Opeth is a continuous death metal band based in Stockholm. David who invited Mikael Akerfelt into the band as his bassist left the band, enabling Mikael to become the lead vocalist of the band and at the same time functions as the main songwriter and the guitarist. Mikael was the driving force of the band. Although Opeth now plays progressive, but it was credited as the first progressive death metal band alongside Edge of Sanity.

Among Amarth

This Swedish melodic death metal band was formed in Rumba, in year 1992. The band’s name was taken from Mount Doom’s Sindarin name.

Yngwie J Malmsteen

This is a songwriter and a band leader that hailed from Stockholm Sweden. Born in 1963, 30th of June, he was known as a nonclassical metal player as far back as the 1980s.


Mentioning the greatest Swedish bands if all times without the Abba is just like building a house without cement, it will not hold!. Abba, which was the first international band in Sweden was formed in Stockholm in 1972 by four friends; Grid Lyngstad, Benny Anderson, Agnetha Fàltskog, Björn Ulvaeus. Abba was at the top of its game towards the end of the years 1970s and the only business as at that time that grew more than Abba was Volvo.



Formed in Linköping in the year 2008, the Ghost is one of the Sweden’s heavy metal bands. The band is a combination of five masked instrumentalist and they have released four albums of which three were studio albums and One a live album. In 2015, Ghost released their third album titled Meliora, which won a Grammy and brought success to the band. The Nameless Ghouls, and Papa Emeritus (a demonic anti- pope) were members of the masked instrumentalist.


This Black/Viking metal Swedish band was formed by Jonas Akerlund and Quorthon in 1983. The blueprints for Scandinavian black metal was laid by Bathony’s first four albums and their fifth album titled Hammerheart was released in 1990 creating Viking Metal. The band ended in 2004 after an heart failure that killed Quorthon.


This Swedish progressive metal band was formed in 1987 from Umeä. The band crafted the Djent Subgrene. The line up of the band consist of Jen Kidman the Vocalist, Frederik Thordendal the lead guitarist, Haake Toma’s the drummer, Märten Hagstrom the rhythm guitarist, and Dick Lövgren the Bassist. The last three members of the band joined the group in 1990, 1992 and 2004 respectively.