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Things You Need to Know About Swedish Pop Music

If you know little about Swedish pop music, then this article is specially designed just for you. This article will discuss in detail all that you will need to know about popular Swedish music, often referred to as Swedish pop music. Swedish pop refers to music that has become mainstream and popular in Sweden at…

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Where to See a Concert in Sweden

Planning a trip to Sweden for a music concert? You can see a concert in Sweden for every genre from rock and pop to opera and classical music performed live in clubs, concert venues and open-air stages around town. There is clearly an event each day of the week featuring pop-stars from around the world…

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Famous Swedish Singers

Many famous Swedish singers have contributed to music around the world. Below are some popular Swedish singers you should know. Zara Larsson Zara began her ascent to fame when she won the 2008 season of Talang at just 10 years of age. The Swedish singer-songwriter proceeded to sign with TEN Music Group in 2012. She…

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